One of my most rewarding hobby/jobs is planning weddings and bridal consult for the budget minded and I have coordinated many weddings over the years. The most extravagant, was my Niece's wedding and we shopped high and low to cut costs for her Fuchsia/Orange theme. Today, many Brides are DIY so I have created a Wedding Party Blog to impart some of my basics. Aside from jotting down ideas, I have also done some Colorful Wedding Inspiration boards on Pinterest for them to use.

From tips on shopping for a Diamond Ring to Dressing the Bride, there is lots of information for Couples planning a wedding on this blog. Go visit Wedding Party and let me know your thoughts??

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  1. I loved it!! I would love to see pictures of your niece's fuschia/orange theme. Those were my colors as well and even tho I've already had my wedding I still love seeing photos from other weddings with that color scheme.

  2. Hi hun.....thanks for stopping by my blog. Wedding planning is certainly for a special person considering some of the personalities you have to encounter(Bridezilla types).LOL. I kept my wedding simple. Showed up with a dress and cake and that was it. Will also have to follow you on Pinterest for inspiration too. Now following via bloglovin. Peace & Blessings......Natasha B.

  3. I just checked out your other blog. I loved it! The winter white wedding is so classy:)


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