Give it to Me Right

Months ago a friend told me that she did not think that my cell ringtone "Give it to me Right" by Melanie Fiona was appropriate for my age. Well, I beg to differ. . at my tender age, it is not only my theme song but what all Ladies in my group should demand.  After all is said and done, not many of us are getting it all the time, and not all of us want it all the time. So, when we get it, we better be satisfied!  Hello!!....can I get a Yay, Yay (arms up in the air).  For years I have been told that "woman can't done" & "men will run out"; and that's the honest truth, and why WE refuse to settle for anything less than "Right".  
No need to waste our time, don't bother with the sweet talking, don't tell us no lies, don't promise me the world, just "Give it to me Right or don't give it to me at All". 

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  1. Amen to that Neti!

  2. I so love this!!! I'm not for labels of age appropriateness, you should determine what you feel is appropriate for your age. If that ringtone makes you happy and conveys what you feel then go with it. And yes, we are too seasoned to be settling for someone who isn't making the magic happen!


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