Calling all Girly Girls. . . If you Love Purple & Pink, then Pantone Color for 2014 is right up your alley. This color is called Radiant Orchid and it is the merge of Fuchsia & Purple with Pink undertones and claims to be the color for all skin tones.
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I'm not so sure about that, because not everyone looks good in Pale colors and a true Orchid is very pale in contrast to Fuchsia & Purple. Not sure you want to wear an Orchid Dress? How about Orchid accessories or some orchid on your lips and nails. If not, maybe a bedroom layered in orchid, soft pinks and a little purple is in your future. I can surely see an Orchid handbag on my arm and some shoes in orchid on my feet, if they can fit in my slim budget. The options to use this color are endless, unless you just do not like anything Pink. And, who would that be? No matter our age we will never outgrow just being a Girly Girl at times. So, go for it and add a Little Orchid in your Life. . .
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Want to have a Radiant Orchid Wedding? See it HERE!


  1. I'm with you Neti- I'm not sure that I want radiant orchid in my future-LOL!


  2. I, so, wanted to go away from girly pink. I tried so hard and now that! :-( That dang color won't let me free *sigh* Well I admit that I am a sucker for that color. And I suppose there ain't no cure. The bags are gorgeous, the heels are gorgeous.

  3. Pretty collage! I love the hand bags :)


  4. I honestly think it's a very pretty color. I don't think it will be as popular as emerald or mint through. (-:

  5. I like this color which is your blog's design but don't think I have anything...time to go thrifting!

  6. I'm loving this color for the new season. So excited to use it.

    Happy Friday!



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