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Just about everyone these days is talking about doing a Closet Purge. Mostly because they have limited space and live in seasonal climates.  I need a purge because I am no longer in the work force and any work related items, I pass on to my Cousin who will put them to good use. But, I find that there are some items that I refuse to part with even though I have no current plans to wear them and will NOT give away.
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Not because of sentimental reasons, but because I cannot replace them and my stores do not carry these brands anymore.  Clothing brands like - Alain Weiz;  Emma James;  Nine West;  En Focus; Sunny Leigh; Tattoo Me; to say
the least, are not available in my area and I shop in all three counties of South Florida.  I get all my clothes at a steal - reduced + discounted prices and never pay full price for anything, so when I find an Alain Weiz dress for $15.00 even if it fits me too tight, it's mine and I can lose weight.  O.K. . . it has been sitting for 3 years now and I have yet to lose the 20 lbs!  To make room in my closets, I do the one-in-one-out  method where I have to give away an item to purchase a new one, and this works best for me. Since I only shop at end of season sales and my good pal Clearance, most items I buy are for next year and taking up space. Then, I read a post on Penny Pincher Fashion and found a good purge method.  Just maybe I can work this.  You should check out her post HERE!  Her quote "Everything in your closet should make you feel Amazing!" is right on point. Are you ready to purge?
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  1. I am just in the middle of it and I am doing it for the very same reason as you already quoted. It's amazing how good it feels to throw all those blah thingies away and wondering at the same time what I was thinking buying them in the first place, gee!! Oh to answer your question, lol, has nothing to do with my boss, it's the company's dress code, though. Dress shirts, tie for the men, blouses or fitted top's for us ladies.
    hugs sweetie

  2. Great post Neti! I used to follow the one in, one out rule, but as of late I'm off the rotation. It's defy time for me to put this rule back into effect. I try to only keep things in the closet that make me feel FAB!

  3. I don't purge, but after a big thrifting haul I will go through one of my closets and purge. I have been stocking up on sweaters so it's time to clear out the blazer closet...yes, they have their own closet - sad right?


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