DIY Bouquet

Last week - January 24th, I made a bridal bouquet and six bridesmaid bouquets for a relative's wedding that we had been planning for 7 months. We purchased all the fresh flowers at our local Flea market for less than $80.00 and it took me 2.5 hours to make them all the night before. 
To make this Bride's bouquet I used:
18 White Roses
Wide Crossgrain Ribbon in white
I pkg of pearls from Michaels
Green floral tape
Med. Rubber bands
Double sided  1/2 inch tape
I spool silver 1/2 inch ribbon.
After I completed my designs, they were placed in containers with just enough water to cover the stems in the fridge overnight.  At 7:00 A.M. I took them out of the fridge and put them on the dining table still in water. Then, I noticed some of the petals turned brown on the Brides bouquet and I had to re-do and re-place them with new flowers. In the end, the Bride was Happy with her bouquet and I saved her $55.00. I found out later that white roses are more delicate and they should not touch the side edges or top of the fridge! Guess where they were? . . on the top shelf of course. Live and Learn.

Choose DIY to save Money not Time, because you have to spend
 a lot of time to Create your Vision & you need 50 lbs of Patience!

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