Purge #1

Operation Closet Purge is in full effect and it took me all of Sunday & Monday just to go thru 2 closets. I found new clothes with tags that I forgot about and some items I could be wearing now.  See my post on Purging here.  First, I took all the items off the shelves and put them on my bed for sorting. Then I went through the racks diligently.
I started with 3 piles: Keep, Donate & Sell. Then I found items to give to my Sister & Mom, so I made another pile.  Here is the thing - When I had
a job, I shopped my buddy Clearance in 5 Macy's and 2 Dillard stores for reductions/sales. My Mother, Sister and Nieces did not have to shop for clothes. When I found the steals deals I purchased and gave them for fitting. They were not allowed to remove the sales tags because I used the 90 day return policy and I was the "Take back Queen".  Well, the same held true for my stuff, hence new/unworn items in my closet. Not that I miss the 90 day rule, but I assured myself that items found at a steal would fit better when I lost the 20, and I'm still waiting.  I still shop clearance, but with a strict budget.  Now, I only have items that fit me to wear, 1 bag for family, 1.5 bags to donate and more than 20 new items to sell. On to closet #3, then to the shoe boxes under my bed. Have you purged yet?
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  1. Oh spring cleaning is the best for thrift shoppers, because everyone is purging / feels the need / and gives so the shops are brimming with items for fun. My store is never ever depleted. Thrift shopping AMAZES ME. Great accomplishment on the $2.50 Jacket, AWESOME!!!!

  2. Hi Neti! This is fantastic and I'm constantly preaching to people about it. It's crazy how you discover new clothes in your own closet isn't it? Lol!

  3. I love it Neti! I too try to resist the urge, and only purchase and keep items that are fit to wear at present :)

  4. Yes just recently and I am still doing it. I have far too many clothes for too long, just because, like, oh I will definitely wear it again (I never do) ...oh this is too good to throw away (I never wear it again) ....oh this one is just need a little mend (I can't do such things for the life of me).....you get the idea ;-)


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