The Telephone

One of the best investments I made is a Telephone with Caller I.D. and I use the feature well. I am not about to answer a call from a number in Phoenix. I have no friends or relatives that live there.  Some of these outsourced employees have the nerve to call your cell phone before 7:00 P.M. when your minutes are at the prime rate and expect that you will cheerfully answer and make empty promises.  How did they get my cell phone number anyway? 
These calls will come to your phone at 7:30 A.M. and as late as 9:00 P.M at night and can become quite disturbing.  My cell phone is my go-to-piece of technology that I just cannot do without and I make sure to keep it charged. Voicemail is my new Receptionist who screens my calls and takes my messages when I am not available, and on any given day there are at least 8 messages. The minute the caller mentions “this call is for Mr. or Mrs……” there is no reason to continue listening and I press 7. There has not been a Mister since 1988, therefore this cannot be a legitimate call. Usually the messages are from those energetic customer service people who call to remind you that your payment is late. I am fully aware that I owe money and I do not need a reminder every day. Have you ever wondered how these go getters are trained and how easy they can harass people? However, I have to listen to every message because you never know. . . .I could get a call from human resources right up the road.  If I had not broken that damn Crystal ball, I would have known that I'd be displaced this time in my life and not have gone to work in the first place. But that would not fly on my Mother's watch. She banged it into our heads that the only way, was to get an education, earn a living and buy a piece of the American dream. She was right then & will tell you now she's still right. Back then, people who came to ‘Merica (all of us Immigrants) had the desire to live the American dream and hard work was the main ingredient and no one talked about early retirement.  It is too late to digress now…so Bob Whatshisname from Phoenix, do not bother to call because I just turned off the ringer.
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  1. Gotta love it, I sometime click the on button and then immediately the off button - I don't know anyone in Phoenix either!

  2. Yeah same here. Lovely post Neti, made me smile.
    hugs sweetie

  3. Hahahah yes, they work my nerves too. I need myhouse phone though... That hardline will work wonders in the case of an emergency. Have you TRIED calling 911 on a cell... HORRIBLE!


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