His Best Friend

Are you his Best Friend? You may think so, but do not fool yourself. Man's best friend is actually his Penis. And he assumes it's our best friend too. After all, like a dog, it's always happy to see us, enjoys being petted and often rubs itself against our legs.
And, have you noticed that guys are so intimate with their members that they often create pet names for them!  Meet Mr Friendly, Dynomite, Big Boy and the ever-so-subtle Thruster!  Women don't make a big deal about what we have going on downstairs, because we're too busy worrying about the size and shape of our other body parts.  Men are obsessed with size because when they pull out the ruler - and they do - they almost always round up. If you ask a dozen men what the average length of an erect penis is, they'll say Eight inches. But if you ask a dozen women, they'll say it's Four inches. Just so you know, the biggest erection on record belongs to Jonah Falcon of NY, said to be 13.5 inches in length. Whoa. . . down Thruster!!  I suspect Mr. Falcon may be a very lonely man after all. Bottom line, no matter how small, tell him it's huge. He will be so happy, and you could be one of his best friends . .

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