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Wikipedia: "Juice Fasting (also known as "Juice Cleansing") is a controversial fasting method and a detox diet in which a person consumes only fruit and vegetable juices to obtain nutrition while otherwise abstaining from food consumption" - When you Google" Juice Cleanse" - you get all kinds of ads like 3 day juice cleanse; a juicer ad from Walmart and several photos of bottled juices to buy. So many people have been on this Juice Cleanse wagon, and now that bikini season is upon us, everyone wants a quick fix. 
Here is some truth about Juice cleansing, found in Fitness Magazine:
You're NOT Flushing anything out
Your body runs on an auto-cleanse system that's managed by your kidneys, liver and intestines and there is no evidence that juice improves the process.  If you feel "lighter" it's probably because you're eliminating junk food, not toxins.
You won't stay SLIM forever
You may drop several pounds quickly, most of it is likely to be water weight. When you cut calories, your body gets energy by releasing glycogen, a type of carb that holds on to water. As soon as you stop the cleanse, you gain the pounds back. Lasting weight loss comes from changing your diet long term - From Fitness Magazine - April 2014.

JUICING is a slightly different approach to your health and is used long term, not like the 3 day cleanse.  It extracts the juice from fresh fruits or vegetables just like you would do for the cleanse and the resulting liquid is consumed as a meal. Many people who tried Juicing got tired of it in a couple of weeks because they were not committed long term. I am one of those people. It takes time to like appreciate kale and beets mixed with apples & blackberries.  My Son lost 64 lbs on his Juicing Diet last year and he did it solo. His diet for 8 months consisted of: Fruit/Veg. Juice for Breakfast; A Big Lunch with lots of Protein; Fruit/Veg Juice for Dinner & No Snacks. He told me he drinks more than 1 quart of water daily and lifts weights 3 times per week, still to this day. Of course the younger you are the quicker you lose on any restricted diet and it has been said that men lose faster than women. So, my young Son will ultimately lose more than his post-menopausal mother, if she was consistent and stuck to any diet for a reasonable amount of time. This kind of diet is not only time consuming but costly and I do not ever believe that I could do without a snack, so I am at a disadvantage right there. Fresh fruits and vegetables are expensive, not to mention the investment of an expensive juicer (He used the Bullet). But nothing beats failure than a Trial. So, if that Bikini is sitting in your closet tempting you & you want to wear it this year, DO something!

Note: This post is For Your Entertainment Only! My Son's diet was created by him with No medical advice during/before/after & you should consult your MD before starting any diet.
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  1. Hi Neti!! I've actually thought about doing this, not necessarily being on a "juice cleanse" per se...but more like adding these type of shakes into my diet. This is some interesting information and good to know!!

    1. Thanks. Be sure to check with your MD First!!

  2. Thank you for posting this! Letting people KNOW that this juicing crap isn't the end all be all!

  3. Nope, we have teeth for a reason - lol! Thanks for being part of my Thankful Thursday and congrats on your nomination of a Liebster Award if you chose to accept! http://bit.ly/1d3BlnM

  4. Girl, I cannot do juice cleansing for more than three days. I love it, but it almost killed me. Kisses!

  5. Hey Neti!
    Juicing can certainly be time consuming and can get expensive. I juice fairly regularly to derive the benefits from the veggies that I actually don't like. It takes planning, budgeting, and pacing oneself to make a success of it :) I don't care for hard fast rules, so I juice when I want to, but don't force it on myself.


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