One Big Family

When God looks at mankind, he does not see us as different races. He doesn't see us as different social standings. He doesn't see color or creed. God looks past all the superficial things that our culture seems to magnify - what we wear, what we drive and what we look like - and he sees us all the same; not Black, White, Brown or Yellow, just His beautiful creation. Not upper class or lower class;  Just one big Family. Sometimes people make the mistake of judging a whole race by a few people.  We make sweeping generalizations, and it keeps us from enjoying the people God places in our lives.  We are here by his design and called according to His purposes. When we see others through His eyes, we can come together in unity and receive the blessing He has prepared for us!
The Word from Joel & Victoria.

In the light of the current NBA news we need to be reminded. . . that we are One big Family!
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