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Being sexy is the key essence of femininity. Now, a new study claims, that Women are their Sexiest at age 34.  So where is the rest of us?  The new issue of People Magazine took it even further with -Naked at 34 - a photo spread of firm 34 year old's with claims that at 34 women are sexiest. Being sexy & confident rules in womanhood and many women are enjoying success in life right now.  I for one, love to see women of all ages live and breathe being sexy & confident and applaud them.
But, previous studies have shown that women over 40 are enjoying sex more than those young firmer bodies. Therefore, Enjoyment trumps Consistency!  Don't take my word for it, check out the following articles:
On Buzzfeed. . "According to a new study, women feel sexiest at age 34. And although women in their 20's and 30's are having the most sex (10.4 times per month) women between 45 and 60 ( doing it 4.5 times a month) say they are enjoying sex more than when they were younger". ::  The Daily Mail reports . . . ."Women feel at their sexiest aged 34 but enjoy love-making more as they get older"::  

How women perceive themselves as they age greatly impacts desire. If you feel like a granny (aka old hag) you will look like a granny and being sexy is not an option. The bottom line is, that sex is not something that stands still & sexual development does not end at 34 or 64. We have the capacity to forever change and grow who we are sexually. Just continue to Love yourself with all your battle scars, wrinkles & cellulite and be Confident!

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