Still Single

Does everyone around you think they know why you are Still Single? Are you even looking to change your status?  Been there done that, got the picture in an album in the closet!
Many women in my age group are happily married and I applaud them, some deserve a medal. And, there are those of us who were not lucky in love, or our love ended in divorce and we just do not want to go back there. The question still remains, do you want to be Taken Care of or not? In an era where it takes two incomes to enjoy life. . if you can take care of yourself financially, do you need a Spouse?  Not all women in my circles want to live alone and most of us, want someone to put out the fires that keep sparking down below. Not that a vibrator will not do the job, it's just not human and we yearn for that touch. Yesterday I heard Whoppie Goldberg say - she is not looking for a husband, that she has the company of her vibrator and a friend with benefits when needed. All I could say is ditto!  At my age I am not looking for a husband, I was married before and now want a lover to love Me and only Me. Note - I did not say need. That is why I am still Single. That man has not found me yet!  So the next question is. . have you put yourself in a place to be found? If that means that I got dressed up and stood on the corner at 5th street. The answer is NO. When I am out and about I dress appropriately & always walk in the door with Confidence.  I do not leave home without confidence, even if I'm just going to the mall. According to an article I read in Cosmopolitan - There are 6 reasons why Ladies are still Single:
  1. You're Too Intimidating/Independent
  2. You're too Picky.
  3. You don't know how to play the Game.
  4. You should have Married that Guy.
  5. You're too Available
  6. You Have Issues.
*Being too Independent has been a sore point for a very long time and I am kinda on the fence with this. I cannot fault a young lady for being too independent because it brings a level of confidence that I admire. But, Intimidating is another monster and some of us intimidate men with our executive job, house and expensive cars. *Too Picky. . you have to be very picky. There are too many impostors out there right now and you are choosing a partner not a used car.  *Playing the Game. . too many men think they know what makes a woman tick, and they get caught up in the sport of catching a big fish, while women are too busy looking for Mr Perfect.  *You should have Married that guy. . woulda-coulda-shoulda. Yes, you may have missed out on what everyone thinks was the right man for you. But "what is for you cannot be un-for you". In other words "if it is to be it will be" and many have chosen & many have fallen. *You're too Available. .Yes, there is such a thing. Many ladies are too clingy and men see that as needy, which will make you too available for a heartbreak. *You have Issues. .this is the downfall of many of us. Too much bad past and few good memories, will cause a woman to be skeptical & therefore have issues. Not the mental health kind, but the comparisons & the hurt feelings we cannot seem to forget, kinda get in the way. What's a Single Girl to do?

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