Gut Feelings

You know it as that little voice inside your head or what we like to call a "Woman's Intuition". It may seem like a magical power, but intuition actually springs from observation and experience, explains psychologist Gary Klein, PhD. While you consciously think of other things, your conscious mind is recording your experience, including tiny details you may not realize you're noticing. When you use your intuition, you're actually using all that information, Klein says.
Many women have said that the minute they met their soulmate &/or Lover they knew immediately. Love at first sight. Fate. Whatever you call it, or just plain luck. Many of us pick up on body language, a certain kind of gaze or a way of dressing that reminds us of other men that we are connected with in our past. Research by Professor Timothy Wilson, PhD, has shown that a couple's gut feelings about each other predict whether or not they will stay together.  Women's intuition is more accurate than men's experts say - but it is based on skills that men could easily learn.

Can you really Trust Your Gut?
Despite the remarkable power of Intuition, sometimes it does fail. Love at first sight sometimes end in divorce. "Intuition often gets confused with Impulse", says Gary Klein, PhD.  Experts agree, you need to balance intuition with analysis. "Stop & Think, what is my judgement based on?   "Do I have the right information and experience?" If the answer is NO, you're probably acting on IMPULSE. Not INTUITION.  Even if you have reason to trust your Gut, it's still not a bad idea to stay skeptical.  Pay attention to anything that contradicts your gut feeling.  Intuition is clearly flawed, but so is analysis and you need both to make the best decisions.
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