I am . .

. . JAMAICAN or as we so fondly call ourselves YARDIES or YARDYS (same meaning).  So, I would like to share with you what Being a "Yardie" means to Me.  First, I was born & bred in St. Mary,  Jamaica, W.I. and migrated with a Resident Visa to Brooklyn, New York at age 16. 
-  It means we speak a different language. NO. Well, sort of. . We speak English and our own dialect.
-  a dialect that is indigenous to Jamaica, W.I. and considered to be broken
English. We drop certain syllables and emphasize others.
-  we are Caribbean people from an Independent Country.
-  Island life is slow & easy and we walk good.
-  we party all the time. We do not need a reason for a get together. We butcher a goat, get mass amounts of Appleton & Rum Punch for a baby shower, Birthday, Wedding, Graduation or Funeral.
-  our food is the best in the Caribbean. Jamaican restaurants are all over the world & easy to find. If you find a good one you will not have to cook.
-  Ackee & Saltfish is our national dish and we eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner with its accompaniments.
-  we gave chicken & pork "JERK " & made it Spicy and delicious.
-  we are "Out of Many One People" we have too many ethnicities to count. Yes. We are a mixed up bunch and we have no racial prejudices.
-  we are not confused about our identity.
-  we only eat Bun & Cheese on Good Friday. No cooking.
-  we have what we call Jamaican Time. Nothing starts early. . always 2+ hours late.
-  we have some of the best musicians, designers, writers and track & field stars.
-  we gave birth to the fastest man in the world - Usain Bolt and the fastest woman, the pocket rocket ShellyAnn Fraser-Pryce.
-  our music is Reggae created by Jamaicans. Known worldwide.
-  the Reggae Ambassador Hon. Robert (Bob) Nesta Marley was born and lived most of his life there.
-  every house has volumes of Reggae & Soca Music and play them loud.
-  we know our history and we are Proud to be JAMAICANS.
There's so much more to being a Yardie/Yardy/Jamaican born & bred. Get to know more about our culture with a visit to our Island Paradise. We are only 90 minutes away from Florida.
Wi likkle but wi Tallawah

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