Just Say No

It's a woman thing, this do-it-all disease.  We hate to disappoint, so rather than say NO, we give in and end up overwhelmed or resentful. NO MORE!
There are gentle ways NOT to say yes to:- your man who is too pushy in bed;  your mother-in-law's invite when you know she's trying to set you up for a let down; your begging friend who wants to borrow another twenty;  a boss who wants to overload you with more work, etc. etc. etc.  JUST SAY. . .

  • Not right now
  • I'm going to have to pass.
  • I'd love to, but I just don't have the time.
  • Not this year.
  • You caught me at a terrible moment.
  • I'm just not comfortable with that.
  • It's just not right for me.
  • I just cannot say Yes.
  • I don't want to say No but I have to.
  • Ask another time.
  • Please take me off your list.
Even if you come in contact with those puppy dog eyes. . be steadfast & stand your ground. You will be happy tomorrow that you said NO to resentment & exhaustion.
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