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Believe it or not there are many Married women and women in so called monogamous relationships, who find the ultimate excitement in having a torrid affair. One significant change in society that has contributed to the rise in female infidelity is the internet. Some even go on to say, that this type of action not only strengthens their marriage but increases their sex life.  Can Forbidden sex be Good and Exciting?  
Before you say "Not Me, Never" - look around your friends & family or watch the news. It's happening all around us. Also, there are many extramarital internet sites where Betrayal is the order of the day and some are Free to use. Websites like: Meet2cheat; Lonelycheatingwives; Marriedsecrets.com; Marriedlink.com; etc., allow women to communicate with strangers who soon become friends with benefits. You need to know the acronyms before you click: - The OW(other woman) is the scourge of the BW(betrayed wife) with whose WH(wayward husband) she may have had a PA(physical affair) or an EA(emotional affair) or even and OEA (online emotional affair). . .They use codes. . Really??
Sometimes you don't realize you are unhappy until you get a taste of something else - This is the very reason most women have affairs. The sex with their husband got old and boring and the new flame out did the old.  Forbidden sex was exciting, adventurous and off-the charts good - We all know that forbidden sex is always exciting. Remember the time you had sex in the back seat of a car down the street? The thought that someone may see you or hear you made it exciting! The same holds true for sex in the kitchen, in the living room, on the stairs, etc. Although you may have been there, done that seven years ago, recreating some of the same naughty encounters of yesteryear, will bring you back to the beginning, and it's all so GOOD!
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