Your Money or Lack Of

Let's face it. It's expensive being a woman. We absolutely love our frequent mani/pedi trips, rewarding (but painful) waxing sessions, and expensive haircuts that can reinvent us immediately. They make us feel "put together" and confident. Unfortunately, these beauty services come at a price and as we all know, there's nothing cute and "put together" about having perfectly manicured nails with no money in the bank.
Spend Less on Friends - Do friends and money ever mix? Whether it's anxiety over  a birthday dinner that you just can't afford right now or the loan you gave
a friend two months ago - that she has yet to repay! Being social can seem extremely tough sometimes.
Bank F@#k U Money - "Always have FU money" says Dr Lois Frankel, author of Nice Girls Don't Get Rich. How can you leave an awful job, an abusive marriage or some other bad situation if you have no money? Save that emergency cash cushion and aim for 3-6 months living expenses in your bank.
Use Coupons - Clipping coupons isn't just for grandma. Collecting them and/or discount codes before you hit the department stores saves you money. And the savings keep coming, if you hold on to your receipt. I never go to Macy's without my WOW coupon and since they offer price adjustments, I file my receipts by month just in case the item is further reduced. Remember to ask about price matching and price adjustments when you shop. So even though it's expensive to be a Woman these days, it is fairly cheap to be a Lady with a likkle moulah. . .
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