All White

I have seen so many all white outfits on the blogs lately, therefore it is only fitting that I offer my take on this trend.

The temps have already past the 85 degree mark in SFLa and this outfit is just right for the weather. The only new item here is the pants that I purchased recently from Macy's for $6.43. I already had a pair of long white jeans so I shortened this pair & cuffed them. Of course, I had to add my favorite color to the mix and I will be wearing this outfit soon to meet & greet at my favorite watering hole.

P.S. My last visit to the hair salon was not pleasant. A trim turned out to be a drastic cut and I was pissed not happy with the results. Somehow the word "trim" is a no no 'cause they get scissor-happy. I cannot wait for it to grow out.
:: Outfit Deets ::
Top: Lane Bryant (Very old)
Pants: Style & Co (New)
Shoes: JCPenney (Very old)
Kimono: Citi Trends (Old)
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