It has been 4 years since Meles encouraged me to start this blog and it has been fulfilling and a joy to write. I have met many BlogSistas and Friends while still learning to create posts. Before this blog, I wrote a monthly newsletter for all my friends and co-workers with articles pertaining to women living their best life.
The newsletter had 32 subscribers via email and it grew a Blog. After a year of writing both, I took my focus to the blog and discontinued the newsletter. I have been known to write thought provoking articles, but no post has been more effective than a Survivor's Story written by a friend/follower of My Kurves. Please read it. The blog's premise has been
and will continue to be "Life as I have Come to Know It" injected with humor & my life experiences.  It has become my Therapist & costs me next to nothing. I had been loving myself for a very long time and my confidence is now thru the roof. I owe it all to my Readers who visit the blog and take the time to jot me a line. My heartfelt THANKS to all of you. Since I am no longer gainfully employed, I look forward to reading & viewing all of your workplace shenanigans and the outfits you wear while living your life. I am so grateful to participate in this blogosphere.
"Women who Aspire to Be
Equal to Men
Lack Ambition".

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