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I am extremely grateful for the "Love your Blog" messages I have received, so I thought I would write a post about the blog's construction for those new to Blogging. First, I must say that I am not a Blog Designer & my blog is a work in progress. I was laid-off in June 2010 and did not have any money to splurge so, I created the Blog myself with tons of resources. Choosing Blogger as my platform was easy for me because it was FREE.  I was still writing a newsletter called KURVES so, the name for the blog was a no brainer and I named it My Kurves. The premise was and still is, to write about My Life As I have to Come to Know It, injected with some humor (Unique to Me).  There were already many blogs with the word Curves in it, so My Curves would not have been a good choice, because a Google search would not find me amongst the millions in the blogosphere.
In order to be able to customize a template you need to know a little HTML and have courage, but it is not hard to do. I had created several web pages before, so I knew the basics in order to personalize my page. The first page was the standard Blogger template white page with very little color and I hated it. All of those who know me, know that I Love Color and that white page was difficult for me to see every day.  I must caution you, that Blog Designers advise us to have a white background with good fonts to make it easy for others to read and keep it neat.  Well, I was always the person that liked different things and go against the grain, so why stop now.  A cute background was necessary for me so, I Googled blog backgrounds and searched for a colorful one.
A lot of internet searching and patience is very necessary to complete this task. Rome was not built in a day and it took me days to decide on just the background much less the format, and I settled on one from Pyzam. If you follow the instructions and copy the code given in its entirety you will be able to see it on your blog. The problem with these pre-made templates is that you are limited to what you can have on the page. The page was colorful and I kept it for a couple of weeks. But I wanted more on my blog real estate sidebars + 3 columns therefore more research was needed for other templates.

Then, I came upon The Cutest Blog on the Block and there were three column layouts that I could use. Not only did they have templates but some great Tutorials and I was ready to indulge. I chose the Botanical Bliss template because it also had a header for me to customize and it looked good. I must warn you that you can get hooked on all the pretty backgrounds available and will be changing your blog a lot once you learn how to install them.
All of these free templates come with their advertising on the top of your page with a link to their site. I was happy with the results and it was my way of Thanking them by displaying their logo. So far so good.  Then it was time to re-create my own Logo for my header. I used Paint Shop Pro to personalize the header template from Cutest Blog. Wouldn't you know it, the very next day I was searching for a better Logo. I had used the Flaming Text logos before and went back to create one for My Kurves. Then I had to fit it into the space provided and that took some time to maneuver. I found more help on Cutest Blog Tutorials.  I was comfortable with the changes, everyone loved the colors and a couple months went by. Then, I noticed that there were many other bloggers using the same template which made my blog lose its flavor. I wanted to be different from the masses and here I was just as ordinary as everyone else. Another revision was necessary. I flirted with the idea of Selfhosting & researched Word press which I found to be very costly. This blog is my Therapy and I have Fun writing it, so it was not expected to be income producing. Who was I kidding. . . I did not want to get tied to a monthly payment plan that I would have to rob Peter to pay Paul, so Blogger would have to do.
You know what they say. . ."Love the One Your With".  The decision to stay with Blogger and make it my own was now my priority.  It took about a month to get the backgrounds, colors and logos just to my liking and I used all the Tutorials I could find to personalize this blog.  Later on I changed the name to just. . .Kurves. I must say that I didn't love it until I learned to use the add-on's and received more reader comments.  Thanks to All. I am happy to share the resources used:
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LadyLike Blog
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Help Logger
Disclaimer: This post is FYI (For your information) targeted to newbies who want to create a blog. It is not meant to criticize any blog or show disrespect to any blog designers.  I am not a professional blog designer and not selling any services.

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