My Sister wanted new swimsuits for her upcoming vacation and fell in love with Gottex swimsuits at a boutique by the beach. When she checked them out she got a bad case of sticker shock. Mind you, she has not purchased a bathing suit in many years because her Sister (Me) shops for all her closet needs. So, she had no idea how pricey seasonal items can be. I have always shopped for bathing suits at the end of summer sale in late August but she needed to get one sooner. So we went online and searched for Gottex swimsuits and this was the only one that was in her budget - a Splurge none the less.

Orig. $118.00. Now on sale for $89.00 Here!
If she was in a pinch and couldn't find one before her trip, she would have to bite the bullet and hope her size was available.

I usually do my Budget shopping on Thursdays because the stores are not packed, and the items are not picked over after the weekend. This week I found her the exact bathing suit for a Steal at TJMaxx
She could not believe I found it for $24.99, tried it on right away & she was happy. Yes. .the same swimsuit that was $118.00 then reduced to $89.00 for so much less. So guess what she said the very next day?  If you see the blue & white one we saw online, get it. The moral of this story - "Never Pay Full Price for Anything"!
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