Designer V's

Cosmetic vaginal procedures are very popular these days. We can now get a payment plan and charge medical procedures as fast as buying a new TV. Makes it too easy for women to get elaborate below the belt makeovers. (Please note: There is always an exception - many women have had these procedures because it was medically necessary and not cosmetic, so this does not apply to them.)  So, Do we really need to get our va-jay-jay tightened?
Surprisingly, most of the women who seek this kind of surgery are loyal to the brazilian bikini wax trend. Waxing leaves everything visible so women can easily compare their labia and clitoris to what they see in the media and we are Copykats.  According to the MD's they are providing increased
self-confidence to their patients. Sure. . they sell a service and women are buying. From sculpting, rejuvenating to reducing all our lady parts causing some to have multiple surgeries. It appears that once you have one nip and tuck you want more and the doctors are always ready to make more money, more money!
Vaginal Rejuvenation - $7,000* - Aimed at women who complain of feeling too loose to enjoy sex. It involves tightening the vagina.
Labiaplasty - $6,000* -  Not Vaginoplasty. Read about it all Here!
The G-Shot - $1,550* - To increase the size of the G-spot via a collagen injection.
Hymen Repair - $5,000* - Reconstruct the hymen allowing a woman to experience the feeling of losing her virginity again. Why?
All of these procedures are rarely covered by insurance and may cause nerve damage, so be careful Ladies. Be very careful & do the research!  (*Costs are Estimates.)

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