All of a sudden that mound of pleasure between your legs is the most talked about, by women who want to make their's look different and cute. I so appreciate the fact that as women, we have the power to make our lives as rich and as pleasurable as we deem necessary. And, I just want to keep mine clean, trimmed, sweet smelling & disease free. But, you can do more with yours and I will be cheering you on over here. . .want some ideas?
V Bling - Aimed at women who want to be Vajazzled. Crystals that have an adhesive backing that lasts five days in patterns like heart, flowers etc., can be placed on your vagina after it has been waxed free of hair. Some even choose temporary tattoos with the new bikini-ink that is now available.

V Hairstyle - Now instead of shaving off all the hair you can create your
own vaginal hairstyle by having it trimmed into a shape or initials. I don't think this is a DIY project. Do you trust someone to do this?

V Make-Up - Blush is not just for your cheeks. Now there is a temporary dye that promises to restore the "Pink" to your cooch in four different shades - Marilyn, Bettie, Audry, and Ginger. I wonder if they have color match for darker skins. . .just kidding!  Like, who is going to see the difference and who cares.

V Fitness - Work out with the PantyO, underwear that supposedly exercises your kegel muscles as you wear it. Sewn into the crotch of your underwear this thing-a-ma-gig is inserted vaginally while you walk around. What the Hell! . .believe it or not this item costs about $125.00 and someone is buying it. Why not just do your kegels the old fashioned way?

V Accessories -  And now for the fashionista va-jay-jay, who has everything there are Pantzies - designer panty liners. Yes. . during your period you want to look stylish and see leopard prints. Sure. Next, you have to get the "Cuchini" a pad you stick to your underwear to smooth the ridges of the mons pubis for those tight pants. Why not just wear pants with more room?
V by Design - Let the Doctor be your Vagina designer and charge it on your Visa. Just make sure you have unlimited credit.

WE all want to be glamorous by day and a vixen in bed, but not every item produced/sold is for everyone & we must not throw caution to the wind just to please others.  Please know that, I am not making fun of those who want to bling out their mound; Not saying never, ever to a V hairstyle, but that ship has long sailed & I'm Happy to be at the dock. That being said. . . . Make time to Enjoy Your Life!

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