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We have been hearing about the little pink pill ever since Viagra for men hit the market and to date it is still not available for locals. Whether we need it or not development is happening. There are two Libido-enhancing drugs for women - Lybrido & Lybridos  [you can call them Female Viagras] ready to enter the final phase of clinical trial program before being submitted to the FDA for approval. These drugs are being developed by Adriaan Tuiten, PhD., CEO of Emotional Brain & Clinical Research Center for female disorder (FSAID) and they could hit the market in 2016.
It has been reported that Mr. Tuiten developed them after researching how biology, hormones and psychology affect female arousal. "Low sexual motivation and desire are not a problem of the genitals, but a problem of the brain." says Tuiten.  According to what I have read, if you have no desire, your brain is to blame.  I am no scientist, no doctor and only use my CS degree these days. But, I think we put too much emphasis on what our brains compute, and when we get to our 80's we suffer from an overload and they call it dementia. What say you??
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Disclaimer: This post is strictly for your Entertainment and all opinions are my own. Please consult your MD for more info.

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