This dress was purchased about 11 years ago when Alain Weiz, a high end French designer had a good selection of designer duds in Dillards.  As much as I loved his clothing, I refused to pay full price and would visit the store every payday looking for a sale. At that time I lived in Tampa and on one of my visits back to Ft. Lauderdale I found this dress on the clearance rack and it was mine.
Three months later the skirt in the same fabric went on clearance at my store and I bought it. The fabric is unique in that it seems to be some kind of scuba material
that is easy to care for and repels liquids. I have worn them both more times than I can remember, to work and on vacation and they have stood the test of wear and tear. I keep telling my Sis, that I need to keep my curves so that I can wear all the one-of-a-kind pieces in my closet that I can no longer afford to replace or find. All she can say is. . . sure, another excuse.

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