Good for what ails you
An Art, if you are a price watcher. 
Fulfilling, if you know your prey. 
Fun, if you do it with a friend. 
Expensive, if you do not know how!
Are you Man Shopping?
  • Nightclubs were the 'Meat Markets' back in the day. Now Girls just wanna have Fun.
  • My Aunt Miss thought Church was where you could pick and choose! So did some of the Elders & Pastors.
  • Then we combed the aisles of the Supermarket, just to find that not all males were 'Men'.
  • Then there is a new Guy at work.  Nah. . too many rules in the workplace.
When was the last time you shopped and found just what you were looking for? The market is tougher now and the players have Game, so be careful in your selection. Consider yourself Blessed, if you found the Man you want & need!

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