Have you ever had a bedroom blooper? Well you are not alone. Let's face it real life sex, is far from the perfectly executed romantic scene Hollywood portrays on the big screen. And sex experts say that every couple experiences their share of blunders in the sack. How do you deal with Awkward moments in bed?

Awkward Moment # 1: Poor Timing 
Chances are, no matter how good your partner is in bed, there has been a time when you wished he could have lasted a little longer. “Trust me,” says Gilda Carle, PhD, a sex & relationship expert and author,“when this happens, he’s more embarrassed than you are.” Instead of berating him, or acting hurt, Dr. Carle says to ask for a rain check. “You may also remind him of how women sometimes don’t climax, despite the heat of the moment,” Bottom line: Acknowledge the awkward moment, and move on. This is no time for shame or blame.

Awkward Moment # 2: Accidental Injury
Ouch! Sex doesn’t have to be classified as rough to lead to injury. Just think: accidental biting, scratching, a jagged toenail that cuts the skin, a pulled muscle,
leg cramps, etc. First rule of accidental injury in bed: Get up and deal with it (whether that means taking an aspirin or getting a bandage). Second rule: Laugh it off. According to Dr. Carle, interrupted sex can tell you a lot about your Mate!

Awkward Moment #3: Bodily Functions Gone Wrong
Sex isn’t always tidy and neat. Incontinence, embarrassing noises and ill-timed bowel movements can interfere with romantic moments. For example, at one point or another, almost every woman has experienced the infamous trapped air sensation in her vagina, which can lead to noises that sound a lot like gas. If (and when) it happens to you,  just own up to air in your vagina, and giggle about it. In the grand scheme of things it's really not that big of a deal.

There are quite a few more awkward moments I could write about, and I know you're thinking about one right now!  Let's just Laugh about them. . .

Dr Gilda Carle, PhD is the author of "How to win when your Mate Cheats".

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