Happy & Fulfilled

You might guess that Money, Love or being a good Mom brings the greatest satisfaction to Women. But, more than 75% of You feel a woman's fulfillment comes from being Independent, and having a sense of control over her own Life.

Since the recession almost all women are more involved in the family finances, and most see their new role as a real opportunity to have more control. Some say that while their husbands/significant other and kids makes them happy, they feel happy when they are Personally Satisfied. As women get older, the pressure they feel from society changes.
Women age 19 to mid 20's feel the most pressure to look beautiful. From 20's to mid-40's women feel pressure to have a nice home. As they move into their 50's they feel pressure to have a certain amount of money.  For me, being Fulfilled means being extremely Happy & having the freedom to do what I want, when I want is key. What makes You Happy & Fulfilled?

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