Shooze. . .

Shooze, shoes, shoes.  If you are like me 50 pairs are not enough. Why? I love to wear colors and shoes are the perfect accessory to add a dash to any outfit.
Not to mention that I can fit into three sizes!  
I just Love shoes. . . .
  • The only cleavage I have to worry about is my toes.
  • Pedicures are cheap to maintain.
  • They stack neatly under my bed.
  • The colors stay true.
  • I do not have to see the salesperson's snicker when I ask for my size. 
Our love affair with shoes has never been stronger. In 2000, American women spent roughly $18 billion on shoes, up 5 percent over 1999, according to Footwear Market Insight. Thanks, in part, to shows like Sex and the City, mere mortals are splurging for
footwear by Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik, whose basic slingbacks start in the $400 range.  Looking for the perfect shoe? Even Cinderella knows that the odds of finding a comfortable fit are stacked high. Many women have a wide forefoot and a narrow heel, and many shoes are designed with style in mind, not comfort. But you don't have to compromise Fashion for Fit. Use the size number as a guideline only. Like clothing makers, shoe manufacturers size shoes differently; one designer's 8 may be another's 7.  Depending on the design and/or manufacturer, I can wear a 7 1/2; 8; 8 1/2 in medium widths and have worn a size 9 in boots. Therefore, I always try on a shoe I love in different sizes & have a good selection at clearance racks. This may be the main reason why I am a Shoe Addict and have No Shame!
Feet tend to expand over the course of the day. A shoe that fits comfortably in the early morning may feel tight by 4 or 5 p.m. Do your shoe shopping in the late afternoon or early evening, and make sure the shoes fit with the type of hosiery you plan to wear with them.  Spend time with the shoe before you buy. Leave the shoes on your feet for five minutes. Walk around the store. Stand and consider. . . How do your toes feel? How do your arches feel? How do your heels feel? If all systems are go, you'll be walking on air and steppin' high if they are on Sale.

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