(so͞o′pər-wo͝om′ən) A woman who performs all the duties typically associated with several different full-time roles, such as wage earner, graduate student, mother, and wife. OR A woman with more than human powers.   At sometime or another we (You & Me) proclaim that we are a Superwoman, whether it is at work, at home or in the bed. But, is there really a Superwoman?  Recently 45 year old entertainer Jennifer Lopez proclaimed in a Self article - - "I want to prove to everyone that I can do everything and be a Superwoman," she says. "But I have to take time for myself." 
In today’s fast pace lifestyle, many of us are often caught up in what is called the “Superwoman Syndrome.” These are women who are constantly striving to accomplish everything possible in a perfect manner and have not learned how to put themselves as a Top Priority. Most often, they do not have the time or energy to devote to themselves. Superwomen always set standards that are unnaturally high, or are beyond reach or reason. They measure self-worth entirely in terms of productivity and tangible accomplishments. Unfortunately, by doing so, these Superwomen are making life much more stressful and losing out on its many Joys.
No one wants to be mediocre or average. Nobody wants to be of average ability, average intelligence, average potential, or average looks. So, Superwomen push themselves to excel, and the cycle begins: Once they excel in one area, they are not satisfied until they excel in another area. When they cannot excel in every area, their self-worth diminishes and the Superwoman Syndrome presents itself in physical, psychological or interpersonal symptoms. According to Dr. Madeline A Lewis, President/CEO of Deline Institute for Professional Development - "There are so many benefits that will come from stepping off the treadmill and enjoying life without having to do it all. Women need to throw away their Superwomen costumes and keep life simple with a daily “no” and more concern for their own well-being".  I am no Superwoman and cannot even fake one. As women, we are all doing the best we can with the talents we have. Some days we divide and conquer, others we pray for health & strength to try again tomorrow. . .

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