4 Wishes

  1. That you'll finally be the most enthusiastic person on your own damn team. Stop treating yourself like shit. Stop with the self-sabotage. Stop letting your excuses run your life. In short, stop fighting yourself every step of the way and let 2015 finally be the year that you become your most aggressive supporter. 
  2. That you'll realize that we all have the same fears.  I am afraid of all the same things that you are afraid of. We're all afraid that we'll fail, that we won't be good enough, that people will laugh at us or gossip about us behind our backs. We're afraid of rejection. We're afraid that we'll give up when things get hard. We're afraid that we won't be able to let go of what has happened to us in our past. We're afraid that we'll change and succeed, that the people we love will be jealous or unsupportive. Yes, we are human and It's Okay to be Afraid. We're all going to be just fine. You're going to be fine, I'm going to be fine and that gal in line behind you at Target is going to be fine too. Stop waiting for the fear to pass, because it won't. Just remember how badly you want what you want, and just get the "Eff up" and make it happen. 
  3. That you'll try - just at least try - in every situation, and that you won't quit the minute things get messy and difficult. LIFE IS MESSY AND DIFFICULT SOMETIMES. Get over it. Stop fantasizing about this luxuriously comfortable life where you never have to sweat and bleed and struggle. How do you expect to grow without pressure?   
  4. That you'll push yourself to your absolute breaking point over something or someone that matters to YOU. Stop holding back. There is always more - More love, More creativity, More of everything if you want it.  YES we can. . .be the best we can in our time & Love the Life we choose to Live. 

Note: Four Wishes Theory is based on the idea that values in a given environment produce "wishes", which are the sociological equivalent of drives or instincts.  In other words, what the person senses is important to their community or neighborhood as a whole becomes the core of their being in terms of the fundamental or generalized thing that "drives" them.  

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