Feathers, paddles, blindfolds, whips, ropes & chains just does not seem like toys for the Playroom or what we older gals used to call the bedroom. Before you jump to say "I am not into that". Naughty can be nice and sometimes nice can be Naughty. Ever since 50 Shades found itself on the nightstand of the average american woman, more ladies are checking out the toy store and experimenting with stuff some of us haven't even heard of. Just in case you didn't know, BDSM is what 50 Shades of Grey is all about & your Sista right here is not willing to try any of it. So, what is BDSM:
B is for Bondage - restraining body parts or senses to evoke vulnerability, fear & anticipation in your partner.
D is for Domination - The dominant is the person in charge of driving the scene.
S is for Sadism - Deriving pleasure from inflicting pain or suffering on someone else.
M is for Masochism - Feeling sexual gratification from your own pain or humiliation.
All of this is just Kinky and many people want to do a little just to spice up their love life.  Many couples are engaging & enjoying kinky sex and they do not have to blab about it. Toy stores all over are making big $$bucks and posting record sales thanks to 50 Shades. Now the demand is more than the supply. This Life is for us to Live and if you want to experiment with some rough & ready toys, just do it safely with someone you LOVE & TRUST.  Be sure to use the agreed upon safe word like STOP! if things get out of hand.  Do what brings you JOY, nothing less. . .

Curious?? 50 Shades of Grey the Movie is set to premiere on Valentines Day. Watch the trailer HERE!

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