In the Red.

It's the Eve of St. Valentine's. Maybe we should be celebrating Valentines Month and give the Men/Women in your life more time to plan that getaway or that perfect gift. I used to hear - "The day just crept up on me" as a prelude to "I will be late" and that set the tone for the evening. Hard as you try not to get Vex, somehow you are not a happy camper until your mate shows up late with the sweet talk & gifts to soothe your soul. If you decide to celebrate the entire month then he/she will have about 28/29 days to. . . YES, Yeah, Yes damn it!  Anywho. . it is the thought that counts. . . not the slightly tainted roses man-handled by everyone who stops at the traffic light.
This look was inspired by "Cookie" Taraji P. Henson when she wore that purple fur on the show.  I wore this outfit to meet & greet at my fave watering hole. All of the items came from my closet, and this red fur sweater purchased from Dillard's more than 6 years ago for $11.70, was just hanging in the plastic bag unworn.
::  Deets ::
Red Fur Sweater - A.D Originals
Red Pants - Style & Co. (Old)
Red Sequin Top - Style & Co (Very Old)
Handbag - AqUA Madonna (Very Old)

If you're lucky and your mate has prepared an evening of lusciousness, please enjoy it without a single complaint & remember the reason why you are keeping them around. Happy Valentines Month my Sistas.

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