Baby Sprinkles

We all know what a baby shower is all about, but have you heard of a "Baby Sprinkle"?  As the name suggests a Sprinkle is a smaller version of a shower. Baby showers have historically only been given to first time moms, and other pregnancies were often left at the wayside.
Over the last several decades, more and more women, their friends, and their families are increasingly celebrating the arrival of second, third and later children by throwing a baby shower.  Although this has become acceptable, many like myself refuse to throw or attend a shower for a second or third time mom. So, when my Niece told me about it I was on board.  It is more about coming together to celebrate with the expectant mom and to alleviate her worries over integrating a baby into an already full house.
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Chances are the mom probably already has most of the things needed for baby. The idea behind the sprinkle is: celebrate the newest pregnancy,  give things that need to be replenished (like diapers or bath supplies) or more personalized baby gifts. Besides, receiving boatloads of tiny baby clothes and playing games like "Taste the Baby Food" and “Mummify the Ginormous Pregnant Lady with 18 Rolls of Toilet Paper” probably aren’t going to be entertainment to this Mom.

So, a sprinkling of gifts, a sprinkling of advice and laughter that falls like a sprinkling of rain to a bunch of friends gathered on a Sunday afternoon. . is just what is needed!

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