I have been reading in the glossies that the "it" accessory for this Spring, is the Bucket Bag.  I had several bucket bags years & years ago and had been looking for one before I knew it was trending. Good handbags never go out of style, but when you like them they can wear out and get ratty. Not that I needed another handbag, but I just wanted a bucket. On my travels to Marshalls last week this showed up in my basket:
Tiganello Pebble Leather "Oyster metallic" looks like silver to me. MSRP $149.00 at Marshalls for $59.99 and on clearance for $25.00. This item is ready to make it's appearance this summer. One thing I must say about bucket bags. . . you can never find a damn thing in it, so I like that it has pockets on the side. I 'Never pay full price for fabulous'! . . .

Note: I have not been compensated nor gifted any items from TJM or Marshalls. I just find great buys there.

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