Recently, I heard Wendy Williams on her TV show describe a young lady as being "Sexually Fluid".  My first thought. . .what the hell is that? So I had to go educate myself.
What is Sexual Fluidity? According to an article in Slate Magazine - ". . .There's absolutely no scientific evidence that female sexuality is fluid—at least not in any novel way. There is some evidence that women experience arousal in response to a wider range of visual stimuli than men do. There's also a great deal of evidence that females can go from having female partners to male ones, or vice versa. But nowhere in the literature is any firm line drawn between this vague concept of “fluidity” and the other word we use for people who experience attraction to people of both genders: bisexuality". Why don't we just call it that?

Bisexuality is the romantic/sexual attraction to other people who identify as either male or female (“bi” = two genders). People who identify as straight, but then have sex with someone else of the same gender, and they say that this experience does not
necessarily make them “bisexual,” but it does make them sexually fluid. - - Research done by Lisa Diamond, Author of Sexual Fluidity, contains examples of women who identify as predominantly heterosexual in their lives but arrive to a point where they find themselves falling deeply/passionately in love with one particular woman but still identify as straight. Sounds confusing, right?

My research also found another new word to me - Pansexual -  Google it.  It's just so much going on behind close doors & too much for me to write about here.  After all, I am just a woman who has no desire or wants to be bi-sexual and/or fluid. But, Love finds its way in people's lives thru any means necessary and You & Me have no crystal ball or a road map of Life. So, we all try our damnest to live with the choices we make with the end result of a Happy Life.

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