Women over sixty have the right to be special and at the same time, they are realistic & expect people to speak honestly. This is certainly true about fashion, beauty and real life. So, if you want to look your best in your 60s - just be Real, Truthful, Love yourself and wear plenty Jeans.
Jeans have no age limit and look darn good on every body!
According to some Fashionistas it does not take an expensive stylist or lots of money to have great clothes for your aging body:

Don’t shun your past
You’re a few years older, but you’re still you, so dress accordingly. If you think you need to redo your wardrobe, think again. Movie star Rita Moreno is still working the hot pink dresses and big baubles she loved in the days of West Side Story – just updated versions of them. She only traded in her 4 inch heels for a pair of 2 inch chic sandals. At over 80 years old, Rita is showing everyone that she’s the same fun, fiery woman she was in her youth – with the same chic style.
Experiment with prints and textures
No, you can’t wear every trend that comes down the runway, however on the flipside a twenty-something fashionista couldn’t get away with half the fabrics you can. So while you can’t go wild with mini skirts and cropped shirts, you can show personality in animal prints, florals and bold textures.
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it
When it comes to signature style, repeating a look isn’t just acceptable, it’s encouraged. Once you find a style that you look and feel great in, go ahead and buy one in every color!

If you’ve got it, flaunt it
And yes, you’ve still got it. Want to know what else you’ve got? Elegance and sophistication, qualities inhabited only by a seasoned fashionista. Need inspiration? Go online or pick up some magazines, there is plenty to see. Whatever you wear, Love it and walk out in the confidence you have already built on. Continue to Live the Life you Love.
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