Just a quick DIY for the home that I want to share. I have floral arrangements in the living room and did not want to put another floral on my dining table, so I came up with this DIY using cloth napkins.  I had many colorful cloth napkins in the closet and a bowl that was collecting dust so I did not have to go out and buy anything.
1.  Select a bowl or a vase.
2. Gather the napkins in your choice of colors. I used 4 colors.
3. Get some bulky items to anchor your napkins. I used artificial fruits.

4. Fold your napkins together & secure with a napkin holder or rubberband. I made 5 sets using 20 napkins.
5. Arrange them in bowl using the bulky items (plastic fruits) to support them, then fluff them to get the full effect.
My arrangement is six years old and still standing. All I do is, remove them from the bowl, dust and put them back.
This DIY will be even better when you put your spin on it. Let me know. .

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