Free Range Parents

"Free Range Parenting" A new hands off approach to parenting that is in the news feed lately.  Do you know about it?
**Slow parenting (also called simplicity parenting and free range parenting) is a parenting style in which few activities are organised for children. Instead, they are allowed to explore the world at their own pace. It is a response to concerted cultivation & the widespread trend for parents to schedule activities and classes after school; to solve problems on behalf of the children, and to buy services from commercial suppliers rather than letting nature take its course. (Wikipedia)**

Is Free Range Parenting neglect or good parenting?  Hard to tell.  One of the proponents of this movement, Lenore Skenazy now Author says:- "she see no difference between letting kids walk to school and letting them walk through a firing range. Any risk is seen as too much risk. But if you try to prevent every possible danger or difficult in your child's everyday life, that child never gets a chance to grow up. We parents have to realize that the greatest risk of all just might be trying to raise a child who never encounters choice or independence.“When you let children out, all the good things happen - the self-confidence, happiness, and self-sufficiency that come from letting our kids do some things on their own,”

I only know and have experience with "Free to Pinch & Slap" parenting and proud to say that my one and only child has been & continue to be the Joy of my life.  Many times I hear my Mom say that "our children were too sheltered" and that back in her day, they were Free to roam, climb trees and wander off to play with others til dark. That was back in Jamaica in the stone age of the 30's & 40's, Not Now. With all the attacks on our children these days, with so many pedophiles and criminals lurking around them, would you/could you be a "Free Range" Parent?  I cannot wait to read your views.
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