Uptown Cheapstake

My sister informed me that there was an Uptown Cheapstake store in my neighborhood and I went to check it out. If it's in my vicinity I must browse. So, yesterday I meandered in the store, only to find that it is a consignment store and all the items are used. But, I was impressed at how well the clean items were displayed on wooden hangers, in order of size. They even had good display boards.
Uptown Cheapstake buys what you loved yesterday and sells what you want today. They buy based on the condition, style, and only on the premise of the demand of its clientele. They only pay you a percentage of what they believe the item will sell for & each store has different pricing because they are franchises.
This top was $6.99.
Sometime this year I will take some clothing to the location and see what I can sell them for. Until then, I have more shopping to do elsewhere.
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