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With all the talk about going back to "natural products". I keep searching for homemade hair & skin products that I can make at home. First, I found DIY Makeup and now DIY Perfume to make at home with essential oils.  Many women and men are allergic to perfumes mostly because of the added Toxic chemicals found in many of our favorites sold in major stores.  Last I checked, my favorite perfume was almost $100 at Macys and I have to use it sparingly.
Whether you want to replicate a store-bought scent or create one from scratch, start by making a list of perfumes you’ve enjoyed in the past and research their ingredients. This will help you to create your very own custom scent that suits you. Here’s a sample of what you need to make your own perfume:
100% proof Vodka
A selection of your favorite essential oils
A pretty perfume bottle.
From what I have read, it's all about the Notes - Fragrance Notes that is.  Top Notes being the first scent you smell right away.  Middle Notes, the second scent you smell minutes after that initial top note and considered the heart of the scent. Base Notes, known as the richer scent that brings everything together.

The only down fall to making your own perfume - - the cost of good quality essential oils, consuming all the vodka & the convenience of using the-charge-now-pay-later at Macys. But, they say one ounce of your oil mixture can make several ounces of your custom perfume. And NO toxic chemicals included! So, do your own research and decide if this is something you want to try. Be sure to share your results with us.
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