You were the other Woman, and now he's YOURS.
Can your marriage withstand these stumbling blocks?  Perhaps, the better question is - why women expect Fidelity from Men who've had a history of cheating.
Every mistress who becomes a wife believes that she is his "true love", and sometimes it happens to be true. But, not every man has the ability to stay faithful to one partner and even after you have known him for years, do you really "know him"?  Think of the old saying. . . See me and live with me is two different things!  Some men relish the reputation of being a ladies' man and they can become addicted to the thrill of secret affairs.
Will He Cheat Again?
While there are no statistics on how many men who marry their mistresses go on to cheat again, the chances are that yes, he will. There is NO way to predict if a man or a woman will remain faithful. Even a man/woman with a "good" previous record can fall prey at midlife.  All relationships are gambles, but there are some men who are worse gambles than others. My unsolicited, not-for-profit, non-professional advice -- Do your own research, Pray for guidance and do not depend on the advice of your girlfriends. What say You?
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