Senior prom is one of the most memorable events for high school students, but many students say their dreams of beautiful gowns, colorful corsages, and dancing the night away have turned into nightmares. They say last-minute dress codes are being enforced, and their dresses aren’t allowed because they are deemed "Promiscuous".
The problem with last minute (days before) prom changes is that most of the young ladies purchased their dresses way in advance and due to financial constraints cannot buy another gown to suit the codes. I have to admit, that I have seen some outrageously priced gowns on some of these girls that would require me to take out a second mortgage on my house. Then, there are those young mothers who want "belle of the ball" or the "bestest dress" to show off their personal style and worth. They create the monsters that are some of these high school students and will not settle. You have seen them in the stores - Mothers in a trance with the selections and flashy with the plastic. So, what is appropriate dressing for the young ladies?

Prom 1
According to station, WXMI, Muskegon High School senior Mireya Briceno was sent home an hour into her prom, when the school said her dress violated the school’s dress code.
Prom 2
While not technically a prom dress, Student Gabi Finlayson wore a modest frock to a High School Preference Dance and was considered too risqué. She said she purchased the dress in Paris during a vacation with her parents and had it modified it so it would meet the school's two-inch strap requirement. Even so, a school official asked her to wear a shawl or coat to cover her shoulders if she wanted to stay at the dance.
Prom 3
Barred from prom for her choice of attire, student Marche Taylor took things to the next level when she refused to go home and change into something that fit the dress code. In fact, her night to remember ended up with her being handcuffed and held in a police car.  It all started when Taylor showed up to the dance in a dress that was just a short skirt with two straps of fabric secured over her breasts.
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She made no attempt to meet the school's code, which allowed for one inch of the midsection to be shown and for skirt hems to be no more than three inches above the knee. Therefore most of her prom pictures are from a squad car and she was not a winner.

Understandably some of the Prom Outfits have been very revealing and down right risque which have caused problems in the past at such events. We, as parents have to set certain standards for our young people & include appropriate dressing in our book of parenting.  Not the "Do as I say but not as I Do" philosphy. It's almost difficult to enforce this issue to your child when you are NOT dressing your body right.  On the other hand, some of the people who make the rules and are a part of the governing body of some schools should not be there. They are still living life back when they were students, caught up into before and afters and not seriously looking at life right now. So many of them are not parents, never had to raise a child much less discipline one and we take that all for granted.  I am so lucky I only had one child - a Son, who I still love to shop for. His clothes were always affordable and covered most body parts. What say you?
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