You know that at a certain age you should have a Titty Press  Mammogram. Right?  Recently it has been announced that women are to have Mammograms every two (2) years instead of every year and most health insurance companies are riding on this bandwagon.
The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), which is a group of independent health experts convened by the Department of Health and Human Services, reviewed and commissioned research to develop computer-simulated models comparing the expected outcomes under different screening scenarios. Here are the USPSTF's recommendations:Routine screening of average-risk women should begin at age 50, instead of 40.
  • Routine screening should end at age 74.
  • Women should get screening mammograms every two years instead of every year.
  • Breast self-exams have little value, based on findings from several large studies.
All of this is very confusing to Me, since the American Cancer Society continues to recommend annual mammography screening for all healthy women beginning at age 40 and self examinations are necessary - - - Sound the Alarm!!  When a woman and her physician decide that she needs a mammogram, she should not have to worry about whether her insurance will cover this service. Catching cancer early can save us from financial ruin and most importantly Save our Lives. Please, do your research & discuss it all with your Health Care Provider ASAP.
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It's all about YOU. Protect & Preserve!

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