I am not a Fashionista (really, I just wear clothes) but I want to talk about Fashion Inspiration. Just like everyone else, I too love to read the fashion glossies, but I'm more Inspired by the everyday fashionsista on her way to work, on date night, on vacation, at happy hour or just picking up the kids from school.  Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with new outfits, and how are you to keep up with all the trends without getting a bank loan? In an industry where everything changes every other day, how do you stay inspired on a budget & how often do you see fashion walking down the street that you would like to imitate or copy? If you are out and about this is an everyday occurrence.
There's a lot of creativity involved in fashion, even if it's just choosing how you wear what you have. Just like artists and writers look for inspiration to keep their creativity flowing, we need inspiration too.  Allow me to introduce you to some of my FashionSistas (everyday fashion) just to give more views or to inspire your interpretation of her style. Be sure to give her the credit, she would love that. Selections are from my Pinterest board - so, let your imagination fly and come up with your very own Spin on the Pin & Show off your Kurves. This is not a linky party. . . Just mention this blog and the FashionSista you are inspired by and let us see YOU.  So, here is my first Pin:
In My Joi
I met Joi in the blogosphere early 2013 and she always seem to amaze & inspire me with her fashion choices. She's my younger sister in my head and I want to play in her closet. Here, she is wearing her confection of white, beige and black with an awesome collar. .&. .the hair. Recently she had a haircut and is now rockin' a cute short hair style. Stop by her blog here for much more fabulousness!

**When you are photo ready, send me your link here, so I can show You off next.**
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