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Dear Abby:
My boyfriend and I have been dating for close to 4 years. He is significantly younger than me (I’m 36 and he is 25). We are living together and also have young child. I know, we have put the cart before the horse. Be that as it may, I want to make things official and get married, and I have communicated my desire to marry.We are nearing 4 years together, and I would have imagined given that we are living the life of a married couple, that it should have come up already, or sometime soon. Obviously the honeymoon phase is over and we’re in the phase of hashing out our differences and working together, neither of us is perfect – but he has all the qualities I feel I could spend my life working with (the good and the bad). We both love each other, and I don’t know why he is stalling. Is it a sign he doesn’t want to marry? I have been patient given his young age, but I also have to think of myself – I don’t have 10 years to throw away hanging around for a proposal that might not come. So, I have been considering actually popping the question myself and seeing what he says. If he turns me down, I know I’m wasting my time. Obviously there is a lot at stake here because of our child, who I would like to raise with two loving parents in a conventional family. To me, it seems like we are already living the life of a married couple, so why hesitate to make it official? Am I being too hasty? Is proposing the last thing a woman should do?
Signed: Frenchy::
How would You reply to this letter?

Dear Frenchy,
4 years is a long time in dog years and eventhough . . .you put the cart before the horse, you can still get a new horse to ride off into the sunset. Look in the mirror and ask yourself if the results of "hashing out your differences" created the husband you want and need. Also, a child does not make a relationship valid. So, You take care of You.  -  Signed: Me :: ::
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