Just like a bedtime story we all read and re-enact stories that fall into a category that seem relatable in our adult life. Here is the first fictional short story, unpublished and uncensored.
**Sabiner’s Story (Name changed)
Sabiner met her lover at one of the many charity events that her husband could not attend. It was not a pick up – he is married and she is married. It was just great conversation. Yet she knew she wanted to see him again. She RSVP’d to events hoping her new friend would be there. She started to dress a little sexier at the thought of running into him. Months passed before she saw him again. They were both alone, they exchanged numbers and soon started to talk on the phone. She lied to her husband telling him that the calls were work related.  After a year of phone calls and emails with her new friend he finally convinced her that they needed to spend some time together. She agreed to meet him at a hotel. Yet even after that buildup, when Sabiner got to the hotel nothing sexual happened. They talked and talked. Later that year the emails and conversations became filled with sexual tension so they agreed to meet again at the same hotel. For the first time in 20 years Sabiner had sex with someone who was not her husband. She cherished her few hours each month with her lover. "Having someone who adores you changes how you see yourself and how you behave" says Sabiner. After 5 years the surreptitious relationship continued to be something Sabiner could not give up. Finally she came home and was confronted by her husband with dates and locations of her stolen moments. The details were so close to being correct that she was convinced that she was being watched closely. The couple was not able to salvage their marriage and they finally got divorced. She just did not want to be roommates.  Since her lover is still married she came to realize that she did not want to continue their monthly trysts because she wanted more and refused to settle for part-time commitment.

Here's My Take on this story - - - Sometimes you don’t realize you are unhappy until you get a taste of something else. This is the very reason most women have affairs. The sex with their husband got old and boring and the new flame outdid the old. You have a responsibility to yourself & your lover to make sure the sex is exciting. Do not let him continue with the "I just need you tonight sex" or  "We will have more time tomorrow night sex".  Everytime you have "pity sex or hurried sex" you are settling into a rut! Make sure you enjoy each and every minute of Your life before it is taken away. . . .

** Author Unknown.

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