If you are reading this post you notice the return of Kurves. Why you say?  Well, short story. . . friends move away, have kids, get divorced, change jobs, loose contacts, etc. etc.  So, this old friend contacted me and advised me, that she was able get in touch because she kept an old Kurves newsletter from 2010.  She googled the name "Kurves" and Ta da. . . an email was received on my desktop. Hence the name change again.  Therefore, all that yakety-yakety-yak about "Coconeti" is now a short memory.  This blog will be forever known as "Kurves" just in case some of those 'long time, no see' friends may want to read it. Let this be a lesson to those who do not believe in the power of "Mr Google".  One thing always stay the same. . . Neti* is the author & your BlogSista. . . Thanks so much for reading this blog and taking the time to leave a comment or two. I appreciate You and your comments are necessary for my mental therapy.

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