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Last week my friend decided to visit a Lingerie Store to look for a bra that would just hold up "the girls".  She was having fit issues and needed to see what the store had in her size. Upon the advice of the salesperson she had her bust measured & fitted.
She was so surprised when the salesperson told her that she had been wearing the wrong size to support "her girls" and needed size 36F.  An F,, no way - she never saw that size in her Macys. And Yes, we had a good laugh for a minute, but I knew about size differences & did some research:
1. Not all Bra manufacturers have the same sizing. Hello!
2. I wear a comfortable DD now & could also wear an E according to the chart here.
3. Changes in weight and body composition can cause bra size to fluctuate.
4. Your bra has a Sister size.
5. Bras need a break! For every day on, give them a few off. They'll last longer.
6. Get fitted every 6 months. Stay sexy all year long!
7. A new bra should fit in the loosest hook.
8. Bra loose on the tightest hook? Say goodbye & get fitted for a new one.
You can Do your own Bra fitting!
Just because a woman stops you in a store with a measuring tape wrapped around her neck claiming to be a bra fitter, doesn't mean she had some training. As well-meaning as most of these fitters are, understand that a bra fitter's primary mission is to sell you many bras. Why? Because most are on a commission payscale and you know the deal. . . new size means more new bras. However, If you do want some bra fitting help, ask your fitter how long she has been fitting bras. Then, look at her chest to see if she looks good in her bra.  All is well when the bra fits beautifully and you are comfortable. Right now, my friend is singing the praises of a "Dominique 7000" (sounds like a new blender, right!) and she knows comfort, so I am going to have to check it out.  How are your girls holding up?
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