Felizara  Story (Name changed)
Felizara  married her high school sweetheart and gave up her career to become a wife and stay at home mother. She considered herself a “good girl” and never thought she was the type to cheat. But she and her husband constantly argued about money and his being always at work and the loneliness got to her so she started to write a novel.  Her novel – young woman with small kids having an affair.  She created 15 chapters before she longed to be the woman in her book. By this time Felizara now had a special friend on the internet who invited her to chat rooms and their online affair got heated and she agreed to meet him at a hotel. The forbidden sex was exciting, adventurous and off-the charts good. For the next year this mommy break to meet her lover became a part of her routine. Her friend would fly into meet her once a month and the sex was the bomb. You know- - - she had to spoil it and tell her husband about the affair when a phone call from her lover’s wife threatened to tell him. Felizara’s husband lost his temper and even when he forgave her and they both went to counseling they still got a divorce.

My take on this story - - - forbidden sex was exciting, adventurous and off-the charts good!  We all know that forbidden sex is always exciting. Remember the time you made out in the backseat of a car? The thought that someone may see or hear you made it exciting! The same holds true for sex in the kitchen, in the living room on the stairs, etc. The fact that her lover was skilled is another thing. When you communicate to your lover and tell him what makes you shriek with desire, it will make yours "off-the charts good" too! Remember my friends, Great Lovers are made not Born!
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